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Trust is an essential element to any relationship, whether it be between husband and wife, teacher and student, or doctor and patient. The level of trust is perhaps the primary defining factor of a healthy relationship.

Borowski Cosmetic Dentistry Office in Dallas Texas

Dr. Borowski and her team believe in the value of trust, and they work very hard to establish and maintain trusting relationships with all of their patients. That is why they provide their patients with the best possible treatments in an ideal setting, making sure that the level of service and care far exceeds patient expectations. In addition, the team encourages each and every patient to explore their treatment options and to ask questions. If you are curious about any aspect of your treatment, the possibilities available to you, or even payment plans or alternative treatments, please ask!

As part of their effort to provide their patients with the very best that dentistry has to offer, Dr. Borowski and her staff are continually adding the latest treatments to their repertoire. One such treatment may surprise you: Its aim is to help you lose weight! The DDS System is one of the newest treatments available for dentists to offer their patients. Basically, the system consists of an appliance that reduces the size of your mouth, thereby training you to take smaller bites of your food. The smaller bites in turn require that you eat more slowly, a behavior long associated with helping dieters feel satiated with less food.

We strongly encourage you to explore the possibilities of the world of oral care. Dentistry is far more than cleaning teeth and filling cavities. Today’s dentistry is a team sport dedicated to the health and well-being of every single patient. Here’s to you and your smile!